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  • Beware demons inside

    mumbled "My Fight"

    i'm sorry for writing such short chapters. i'm writing this story from one persons point of view, so its kinda hard. i just want you to know that i won't have a normal posting scedule, so thanks for listening..
  • Beware demons inside
    I can't wait for more!:)
    Heartbroken and confused!?!
    Heartbroken and...
    Sarah Ryder is having a ruff time. From her mom dieing to moving all the way to the UK. She does not think she will fit in with the others but then she meets Charolette Tomlinson and her life turns in...
    5 years ago
    Awe thnx for reading and ill update soon :) xoxo Nikki
  • Beware demons inside
    Omg!!!this was soo good:)
    Changed me for the Better
    Changed me for the...
    Julia was the girl Everyone used to Adore ,You know the girl who was so popular you wanted to be her best friend and then she said some thing or did something and it all went crashing so now she's just...
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