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    mumbled "coursework help???"

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    hello people :D
    i was wondering do any of you creative thinkers have any ideas i can base my dramaticc monoluge coursework on. im completly stuck. :(
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    mumbled "Just a little bit of feedback"

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    Hey Guys,
    If anyone is reading my stories, please can you leave a little feedback just to help me improve.
    Much appreciated
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    mumbled "Tought i'd do this si you can get to know me a little"

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    Name: Bethany
    Nickname: bee-jay
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'3
    Favourite colour: Purple
    Time right now: 13:42
    Average hours of sleep: 4
    Lucky Number: 26
    Last thing I googled: hotmail
    Number of blankets I sleep under: One duvet a fluffy blanket
    Favourite fictional characters: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Hanna Marin, Jason Dilaurentis, Harry Potter
    Favourite famous people: Kristen Stewart, Drew Van Acker, Ashley Benson, Robert Pattinson.
    Favourite Books: Twilight series
    Favourite singer: Ella Henderson
    Dream Trip: LA, California, New Zealand, South Africa.
    Dream Job: Primary school teacher
    What I am wearing right now: Blue shorts, black tights, Cream jumper, tan ryder boots and coat
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    This was so good, I felt every emotion. you are such a good writer. would you be able to have a look at mine and give me your verdict please??
    If You Tell Anyone I'll Kill You
    If You Tell Anyone...
    Unnamed and worthless, Girl is forced to stay hidden from the outside world while her cruel parents inflict pain and terror upon her. Will this change or will Girl live a life of fright and misery forever?...
  • bee_jay_bee
    3 years agoReply
    OMG !!! so powerful, really felt the emotion portrayed through chapter.
    A group of friends trying to find one of their own. A friend of there's goes missing, join them in the adventure of trying to find her before it becomes too late. Will they find their missing friend and...
    3 years ago
    Aww thank you huni :D
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