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    Hi! I love your stories! My name is Isabella, but I like to be called Bella. I'm 5' 3" and have brown hair that falls to the middle of my back and my baby hairs are golden at the top of my head from too much sun. I have olive-tan skin and have honey brown eyes. I play soccer, act, and model. I'm good at school. My personality is very friendly and open to most. I also like art a lot and reading and poetry. I wanted to know if there was any chance if you could write one about Zayn and I? I can be whatever age you want me to be and how we meet is totally up to you, too. Thanks :) and keep up your awesome writing and stories!!!
    One Direction Imagines.
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    This is basically what it says, One Direction Imagines but NOT the one liners. These will be the little short story imagines. If you would like to request any personal ones, leave a comment, I'll be more...
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