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Hi, my name is Haeley. My birthday is December 18, 1995.

I have a wonderful husband who's birthday is July 31, 1995, making him five months older then me, and is a total sweetheart, and believe it or not, my first boyfriend.

Here are a few things you should know about me.
1. I'm a VERY slow writer.
2. I write better with positive comments.
3. I don't do well with rude stuff, so please don't write anything rude on my wall or stories.
4. I do not appreciate racism or sexism.

Thank you for reading.

♦♦♦Haeley ♦♦♦

  • StayStrongAlwaysHaveHope
    OMG! This is SO good! I can't WAIT for the next chapter!
    Reckless -Complete-
    Reckless -Complete...
    We were like any other teenager, just...more. "Just tell me that it meant something" she pleaded, opening her eyes to me. "Tell me you felt something too." I leaned down and softly pecked her lips, "Of...
  • StayStrongAlwaysHaveHope
    This is SO good! Please update!
    Irish Girl
    Irish Girl
    My name is Katelyn Kyra Barton. When I was little, I was best friends with a boy named Niall James Horan. Later on in life he went to a boy's school, became famous in a band at age 16. What happened to...
    Aferdita Asllani
    6 years ago
    Come on please this story is to good to wait for
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