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Hey guys this is Bandsessed. I'm 16 will be 17 this year (2013)

I love reading and writing. I'm here on movellas to share my stories. Hope you guys like reading my stories as much I enjoy writing them.

I also love bands. I'm Obsessed with them.

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    mumbled "Update"

    4 years agoReply
    Hey guys, I just updated my new story, the 18 year old bride. Please read and let me know what ya′ll think :)
    ~Hunter Rose~
    4 years ago
    Hey, I'm willing to take a look aha. Maybe we could read for read? I will leave a comment and then you could do the same for me?
    Bellissimi DragonsScar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an...
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    mumbled "New chapter"

    5 years agoReply
    I just put up the first chapter of The 18 Year Old Bride. Check it out ya'll! AND don't forget to comment! I read every one of your comments! :D
    5 years ago
    Hi I'm reading your story and I am so into it. I hope you'll update soon! (:
  • booksnob
    5 years agoReply
    Hey you had asked me to check out your story and therefore I have :) idk if I want my feed back or not but if u want one then I'll have to be honest with you and then my feedback won't be so pretty. You might even hate me for it. But who cared what I think right? You have other readers, I'm sure :) anyways keep writing and hope to get better at it! :)
    Kimberly ( A Zayn Malik FanFic )
    Kimberly ( A Zayn...
    Peyton Hale, graduated from college. She is 19. The thing you don't know about her is she has a baby girl. You may ask who is the father. The dad is the one and only zayn malik, from one direction. Zayn...
  • booksnob
    5 years agoReply
    Since you asked me to check out your movella, I did :) but I'm not sure if you would want to hear what I think about it because it might not be pretty. But who cares what I think right? You have other readers. Just keep writing :)
    Miray is a lonely girl who gets bullied everytime.And Her main bully is Zayn Malik.She has no family or any siblings and her aunts just hates her.She was going bad until a new boy came to school.She also...
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