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i like lots of stuff

sometimes i like to write stuff and sometimes i don't

i write lots of snippets of lyrics that never leave my trusty notebook

and a lot of the stuff i write is really sad and i'm not entirely sure why

but here are some of the things i've written

so here's a little bit of me

by the way, my username comes from the song 'we shall not overcome' by frank turner, who is an amazing singer 10/10 would recommend

p.s. i tag any trigger warnings with whatever the trigger is followed by tw, e.g. "bloodtw"

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    mumbled "... hi"

    oops i haven't logged on in ages

    i haven't written any original stuff recently and that's what i'm using this account for i post my fanfics elsewhere

    so uh

    when i write something i'll be back
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    mumbled "guess who forgot about movellas (again)!!!11!!!111!1!!!"

    yep, you guessed it. it was me. i forgot. again! i haven't really written anything much recently (except several word documents full of random snippets of lyrics, and no WAY am i posting those here!) but i will try to i promise! i'm feeling quite inspired now actually, so watch this space! (if you actually have the time/patience/can be bothered to) :)
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    this is an awesome poem :) i think it's sad that so few people are as open and proud as you are :)
    I don't care what people think about me, I'm proud of who I am
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    oh my god you actually HAVE to update!!! i love this story (and Daddy Won't Know) so much that when i deleted my old movellas account, i looked you up and favourited this and became your fan too! this is so great and you write really well! there are quite a few typos, which would be my only criticism. but yeah, love it! but the thing is i ship kyle/krissy so so much!!! i don't know who you want krissy to end up with, but can we have another kyle/krissy moment please?? it'd make me so so happy :D but yeah other than that, keep up the good work and update soon!!!
    Daddy Won't See
    Daddy Won't See
    SEQUEL TO DADDY WON'T KNOW You all know Krissy and Colton's story but you have never read them like this. Meet the new Krissy, or as everyone now calls her Evans, at her new boarding school. She's the...
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    mumbled "hello!"

    hello there! this is just to say hi, if there's anybody there (that may or may not have been a quotation from a song by The Script...). i plan to upload stuff when i write it, which is very infrequently if i'm honest. i'll try and write some stuff this summer (everything uploaded is backdated by a few months) but as i'm going on holiday soon, and won't have any internet for two weeks, i won't be uploading anything for a bit. i'd love a chat, so anyone who wants to can reply to this, and i'd be happy to meet you guys! :)
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