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"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. This I did."
~ T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia)

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  • Midnight Rogue

    mumbled "New Video Soon + Ideas for my YT channel "

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    So I'll be recording a new video today and it should be up tomorrow. It's going to be a reading of part of @[3 SECOND LUKE]'s 'Dust' (whether or not it's going be a review is still to be decided as I don't have much to say about it).

    But aside from this, I would like to do other things on my channel - I have a lot of anger, so I'm for sure going to be ranting XD - but I thought I could draw or craft at the same time so you're not looking at this mug for extended periods of time. I'll do little vlogs too, if I happen to do anything interesting on a specific day.

    Is there anything else that people like watching or would suggest for me to do?

    A channel is nothing if it doesn't retain an audience, so your help would be greatly appreciated :)

    Thank you,
    13 hours ago
    @[Midnight Rogue] I'm looking forward to this video that is uploaded tomorrow. In answer to your question, I've got some ideas for how you could change up your channel to schedule in something that will create a larger audience, and maybe even gain some traction to the whole channel as a whole.

    (1) A series based on looking over the weekly new latest stories posted on Movellas, and maybe putting them into a Top 5 or Top 10- why? Top 5 & Top 10 videos are extremely popular, and with the right titles, you could gain a serious amount of new viewers.

    (2) Due to keeping recent statistics on the weekly upload of videos on YouTube based on book reviews, and even Wattpad reviews... I can see that there is an audience for this. And if you wish to grow your channel. Here are my findings:

    (A) Reviews & Top 10s are the most popular way to grow your audience from zero to something more impressive.

    (B) Videos based on Book Trailers and thoughts & opinions are also a great way to gain existing fanbases to come on board with your channel.

    (C) Videos based on Vlogs or your Top 5 Must-Read Books would be great to run along your series of Movellas based content. I do recommend you continue to create a content based on Movellas, as it is currently the most unique content. Well, I know there are existing Movellas channels, but I'm also certain the competition is not that high in terms of popularity.
    13 hours ago
    Finally... I think it would be great to work on Art videos, I've seen some of your Art before.
    Midnight Rogue
    13 hours ago
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    Thank you for this @[3 SECOND LUKE], I'll keep going on this for sure, I want to tailor maybe 50% of my content on Movellas. But thank you for the recommendations!
  • Midnight Rogue

    mumbled "New Video - For Remembrance Day"

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    @[Eileen Prince] My new review is up with, featuring your poem!

    Please do share and leave me a comment.
    Midnight Rogue
    6 days ago
    Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! And yes please do like and share :)
    John Bryan
    5 days ago
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    Good video, I read and liked Eileens poem and I think you read it well giving it a voice for me bringing it to life a bit more. Not a criticism of the writing.

    I just was glad to hear a voice other than my own reading it which is what I heard as I read it by myself on Sunday.

    I will say I think the background music could have been more in the background for me it almost drowned out the last part of the reading. Maybe it wasn't like that for the others who watched and listened but it was for me.

    Thank you Eileen for a good poem in remembrance of those young men who lay down their lives all those years ago. Thanks as well to Midnight for the video.
    Midnight Rogue
    4 days ago
    @[John Bryan] Thank you so much for the review. I'm attempting to sort out my microphone situation so that my voice is a little clear. But I'm glad that you watch the video and enjoyed it!
  • Midnight Rogue
    Are you serious! I've recently posted a Movella just about my dreams and I can't post it here? Damn!
    6 days ago
    @[Midnight Rogue] I couldn't have planned this. I'm sorry that this is the situation... you are now in. But the bright side to look would be the fact you can write a different type of story. I've given some ideas in older comments, but I hope you don't mind this unfortunate coincidence.
    Midnight Rogue
    4 days ago
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    Perhaps... I'll have a think. I'm not overly upset about this :) @[3 SECOND LUKE]
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