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  • athe1Dlove
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    Just read the summary and it sounds so interesting!!!!!!!! Going to read it
    That Girl
    That Girl
    Alex hasn't had the most wonderful life; but she was perfectly content with what she had. She's a weird, crazy, tom-boy who just happens to be at the bottom of the food chain. And at the very top where...
    7 years ago
    Cool!! Hope you like!!!
  • athe1Dlove
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    OMFG sorry for bad language but please finish the story!!!!!!!! :(
    New Beginnings {sequel to the chase}
    New Beginnings {se...
    Please *the chase* before you read this book so you will understand more:) Summer ran away, but a year later when she has her new baby girl what happens when she runs into Niall, he wants answers...to...
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