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    RWBY Roleplay

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    A RWBY Roleplay. With me and @Rudy_the_Hellhound.
    1 weeks ago
    Weiss looks at him. "So what ya wanna talk about?"

    Sun looks at Flame. "What?"

    Ruby turns to look at Dante and bumps into Sun cause she is running backwards.
    1 weeks ago
    Neptune looks at her. "You."

    Flame rolls her eyes. "Have you seriously not realized that Blake loves you yet?"

    Dante stops. "Ruby, you need to look where you are going."
    1 weeks ago
    Weiss looks away and blushes a bit. "M-Me?"

    Sun looks at the ground and helps Ruby up.

    Ruby smiles and nods her head. "I will next time!!"
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