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Hey guy's, Ari here! I hope you all enjoy taking a peek at the lovely fun stories I'm working on. These stories I write are my babies, and if you threaten my babies I'll verbally cut you. So careful. I only write when I feel inspired, I never force myself to write because well I'm never satisfied with my finished material. They seem forced and not fun to read at all, I don't make promises about when I update cause well I wouldn't wanna let you down. My update's can sometime's be constant or take awhile for them. Patience is something you should really have when you're waiting for my stories. I take my time and have fun writing. My only hope you guy's get out of reading is that I want you to experience some kind emotion when reading them. HAVE FUN. ^_^

And if you're probably wondering, I am not straight. I'm a homosexual. ;)


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