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    Noooooo I love yurr story :"(
    Cold Blooded
    Cold Blooded
    Slowly he placed his hand on my waist, gripping at the material that covered my skin. My breath caught in my throat as he slid his hand down to my ass and gave it a playful squeeze before dipping his head...
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    wow good so far needs to be updated :D
    Tough Loving || n.h. (Editing)
    Tough Loving ||...
    [Complete] I wasn't the person that everyone knew me for. Drugs, sneaking out late, and boxing, is my thing. But, people knew me as the 'goodie, goodie' I have good grades, sure, I'm smart. I wear glasses....
  • ariel<3syuu
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    this is great! plzzzzzzzzzz update :D
    Throw my blades away for you
    Throw my blades...
    Alexia(alex) is stunned by the turn of events that happen. Her dad has as a stroke, and a few months later her mom kills herself. She lives with her 20 year old sister Talia who is nver there when she...
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