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    You see, I honestly didn't think I would like it but for the first one I've ever read ever it was pretty good
    A Day in the Love of Harry & Cassandra ( 1SHOT41D Entry )
    A Day in the Love...
    This story is about Harry and Cassandra from my previous work, Friends or More ( which is not finished ) These two are now dating and guess what? Valentine's Day is coming up! Cassandra and Harry desperately...
  • ~Ariel_1212~
    Love you too Cassander
    Hiiii, I'm Cassandra ( No this isn't a story or anything )
    Hiiii, I'm Cassand...
    Yeah, well since I honestly don't think I'm ready to start a blog or anything like that on Tumblr, I'll just start here. So here I'll basically be talking about my school life and what goes on at home...
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