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Hey peeps! I'm Arianna, Anna for short; I'm a Sophomore in high school right now and counting down the days when I get out ;)
I love reading; it's my life (sort of) and I love writing, that's why I'm glad to have found @movellas << Thank You!! :D
Anywho, I'm told that I'm a nice person, so I'll go with this, lol!
I love making new friends so please don't feel shy about talking to me!
I hope to someday be published (as most writers do) but don't think my work is all that great, but I'll let you guys decide that.
I don't put up with put downs - I appreciate criticism and, yes, there is a difference between the two! - so please, if you want find pleasure in hurting people like that go all the way to right and click the [x] button, thank you!
Now, let me shut up so you can get to the good part...
Enjoy :)

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