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    mumbled "The Third Wizarding World War"

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    Set In 2049 a lot has happened since the trio's kids left Hogwarts and Beauxbaxtons . Victorie has married Teddy and has 3 kids Lily married Lorcan and has 4 kids Rose marries Scorpuis
  • Arianna Black

    mumbled "Blood of the Birds "

    It has also come to my attention that 'BotB' has been stolen by a writer (EndraChaos, aka Elena) on wattpad.com. I would like to assure you all that I am not the one posting there and that I will be asking Elena to take down the story ASAP, along with the many stories that she has copyrighted from other ff.net writers.
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    Oh my gosh, that's awful!!
    I'd hate the thought of that happening to me and not knowing about it :/
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