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Hi people!
I'm Ella and I had an account here once but it sxck -just like Jefferson in Daveed Diggs opinion, but that isn't important now-. So here I am again, because "I get the fxck back up" like Hercules "CAPS LOCK" Mulligan.

I'm Hamiltrash.
Same for Hetalia.
My loyalty for Black Butler and Attack on Titan is weavering.
Getting back into Inuyasha.
I write occasionally for Marvel and Harry Potter.
In extreme cases Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Tolkien universe and I'm just getting into Space Dandy.

  • APH_I_Died_For_Him
    I'm definitely have ideas in mind as possibly entries but before I use all my free time, I want to make sure a thing.
    It says "a single event". But what about a flashback? Like «Steve sat down at the bar, a beer in hand and thoughts buzzing in his mind about [Name], more specifically the day they met. ~what happened on that day~ He handed back his fifth emptied mug by the time he reached the end of his reminiscents.«
    Is something like this acceptable?
    1 years ago
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    Hi! A flashback can count as a single event, I'm sure :) Good luck with your writing!
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