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    My Hero Academia

    holy shit. I havent started an rp on movellas in over a year.
    im trying to be more active on here, but im sad to find that a majority of my friends have unfortunately left in my absence. SO this is me trying to get out there again to make some new friends.

    FYI I actually have'nt finished the anime yet (Im also writing this at 2am)

    Musutafu city is home to the most famous heros of all times. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the citizens remain under the careful watch of 'All Might.' however, the steady increase of villians in the city has become almost over bearing for the usual heros. Fortunate for you, U.A. is opening for a new batch of trainees. thing you're up for the challenge?


    Blood type:
    Quirk: (please describe the ability. but no repeats or stealing from the anime)

    NO OP CHARACTERS (limit 2 characters per person)


    Name: Yuuta Hinato
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Blood type: O-
    Height: 5'9
    Birthday: Nov. 13th
    Appearance: Well build body, mocha colored skin with medium spiked cream and orange hair, lavender eyes. Will sometimes be seen wearing glasses (very rare) Has 3 piercings on each ear, as well as septum and tongue
    Personality: Loud, Boisterous, overly competitive, hyper, hot head

    Quirk: Chimera - Able to do a form of moderate shape shifting, applying to the entirety of the body without going full animal. The quirk is highly unstable, which can lead to unintentional transformations, color patters, markings, ect. (Can only take aspects from three animals; Ram, Saber tooth cat, and Pangolin)

    Name: Kemuri Takihiro
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Blood type: AB+
    Height: 6'3
    Birthday: Feb. 22nd
    Appearance: Limber build with long arms and legs. Orange eyes and medium ash/gray hair usually held back with a messy headband. wears medium sized gages and a silver chain bracelet on right arm.
    Personality: Patient, Precise, Cautious, slightly standoffish, opens up to friends mainly

    Quirk: Smog - Able to absorb toxins from the air, water, surrounding areas and people. able to project the toxins in controlled blasts either from smoke clouds or injection (biting). Can only be used in small amounts, if over exerted it can lead to nausea and vomiting. (Typically wont use power) His body bruises easily from his body attempting to process the chemicals constantly in his system.

    Plz ask before joining (If anyone joins)
  • Cyborg ninja dude

    mumbled "I have feturned from over a year of absence "

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    Hello! all of you new members aren't gonna know me, but I have returned to the growing world of movellas. I'm sad to say that I never really considered returning but I changed my mind.
    I'm honestly unsure of how many of my old friends are still on here, but if you do remember this piece of garbage, feel free to give me a holler
    8 months ago
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    Heyyyyyyyy welcome back old friend. <3
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    mumbled "Sorry"

    Hey! I know it's been a while...and to be honest I think I'm just join to leave perminately. Movellas just lost its spark and creativity. It doesn't really give me a reason to come back anymore, I'm not really a popular author or person in general on this site.
    I might keep my account there but I'm just not going to be active anymore.
    Le Fox
    1 years ago
    Aw, I'll be sorry to see you go, but it's your decision. I hope you return at some point though. :) <3
    1 years ago
    You should take a break and then come back maybe? That helps me a lot everytime I lose interest. :D But you shouldn't give up because of lack of feedback, if that's the case.
    D A M N
    1 years ago
    Aweeeeeeeeeee I'll miss you!!!
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    mumbled "To pres."

    @[Preslee Lily Potter ❤️]

    My dearest friend, from what I can tell through your mumbles is that your sad. I'm really sorry for that but there's only so much the people of movellas can do for you. I'm not saying this to be mean in anyway, your certainly one of my good friends. But please, it seems all your mumbles are purely your attempts at attention, if I was on more I guess I would understand more if I was more frequent on this site again.
    However, going by that not everyone lives their life here. You can miss a person when they aren't on and be completely distraught till they come back but you make the rest of your friends worry. Especially when you say your depressed everyday, I can help only so much, same with everyone else.
    I'm not making this point to be mean in anyway, I'm here if you ever want to talk, you know that, but all these posts are depressing. It makes me sad to think that your depressed but I'm clearly reminded everyday. It's a pleasure to have you in my movellas family, it makes me happy that I have a friend like you.

    Yours truly,
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    I'm sorry ok I'm going through a tough time q
    Cyborg ninja dude
    It's ok, I don't know the true problem but I promise to help with the best of my abilities
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