• Another brick in the wall

    mumbled "First poem :)"

    Hi fellow movellians!
    A couple of days ago I released my first poem (well ... not really the first one, 'cause I have another profile, but I'll stay anonymous here) and if you would like to then please take a look! It's about dreaming (for the competition) and it is kinda personal but feel free to comment on it!

    An escape from real lifeHi there, everyone that reads this little thing. I’m anonymous here, I made my profile just for this poem. And yes, I have another profile, but I’m not...
  • Another brick in the wall
    I would love a cover from you - you have made some amazing ones for me before (om another profile)
    An escape from reality
    Author: Another Brick in the wall
    Blurb and ideas: A poem about dreaming (for the competition) ... The cover doesn't have to contain people (well maybe some blurred faces). If you could include a climbing wall (but maybe a bit "dreamy" if that makes sense) it would be amazing!
    The Amazing Cover Store
    The Amazing Cover...
    In need of a cover for your Movella? Well yeah this IS A COVER STORE and I would love to help!!!
    Another brick in the wall
    Just realised that I wrote the wrong title ...
    The correct one:
    An escape from real life
    3 years ago
    Your cover is done :)
    Another brick in the wall
    Thank you so much!
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