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  • divergentloveTFIOSlove

    mumbled "Bæ xxx"

    Everyone is calling each other bæ and it's a Danish word for poop. So why is everyone calling each other poop? ��
    Amber Dewar
    5 years ago
    Hey haven't spoke to u in ages ,how are u, are u writing any new books, do u still go to the caravan
  • divergentloveTFIOSlove

    mumbled "No just no"

    I don't like his new movellas! �� it's so confusing!!!! Bring the old movellas back!
    N.O. Larsen
    6 years ago
    Agree! I couldn't even find my own profile at first! D:
    same! Like seriously, they could've changed the app as well. But no, they haven't. So atleast I know how to operate the app just now XD what are we going to do... ��
  • divergentloveTFIOSlove
    Brilliant story xxx your a great writer love x can't wait 'till the next update xxx
    I Bullied Who ?
    I Bullied Who ?
    Hello My Name Is Skylar Styles. I am 16 yrs old. Harry Styles is my over-protective big brother he loves me till death But he bullies me in school physically and mentally. Surprised? I disguise myself...

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