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    I created a new movella called In Memoriam. It focuses on abuse and relationships, from a unique perspective. I'd appreciate it if you all would check it out here:
    In MemoriamI have a habit of downplaying things, accepting it all as normal. It's how I cope. But he knows it isn't normal. He's the only one who listens in my own...

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    Thanks so much!
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    (笑)^^v good job!
    Behind the Scenes of Victoriana
    Behind the Scenes...
    Ever wonder what goes into a manga? Well, for Victoriana, the process took me about 4 years. To really, truly BEGIN. So in case you're wondering, here's why it took so long...
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    Victoriana (Manga)
    Victoriana (Manga)
    The Manga version of the Movella! (also the first original manga on Movellas ;) ) Drawn by yours truly. To read the first three chapters of Victoriana, please go here: http://www.movellas.com/en/book/read/20130218192622...
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