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I'm a student blogger who is also passionate about video making too (I'd love to be a YouTuber & Blogger, with a few published books as well). I've always loved writing because I felt that there were no stories that I could relate to, so I wanted to write them... I still do. Hope you enjoy what I have to offer! Annie Xxx

  • Annie Basson
    I really like the structure of the poem, I thought that the questions involved were really powerful too. I loved the use of the word "forget" being repeated and how the title was in the present and the last word was in the past. You might of written like this on purpose or by accident. I really enjoyed your poem and I'm excited to read more of your work. Annie xxx
  • Annie Basson
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    I see all!This is a random idea I had while watching my favourite show on netflix, Pretty Little Liars. Most of us know that PLL follows girls who are attacked by...

    I don't know if I'm good at a suspense style of writing.
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