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I am......
A Potterhead
A Demi-God
A Veyinac
A Initiate
A Time Agent
A Tribute
A Side Effect
Divergent( Erudite and Candor)
Cabin 6
Can heat up (like McKenna)
A Fan Perry
A Killjoy
A nimrod
A nervanan
An overcast kid
A sinner
Part of the WandArrow family:)
I Love.....
The Band Perry
My friends (especially my best friends)
My family
My dog

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-88% of teens cry when they are called a freak. Put this in your profile if your the 12% that says,"What was your first clue?"-

Favorite Quotes
"You have know idea how much you don't know."- Jack, Michael Vey.
"Your just as sane as I am." - Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter.
"That's my girl, as tough as a Cotten ball." -Will, Divergent.
"The rode to success is usually under construction." -not sure who said this.
"A woman is like a tea bag, you don't know how strong she is until you put her in hot water."- Eleanor Roosevelt.
"Do you ever stop thinking and forget to star again." -Whinny the Pooh
"You've got about as much charm as a dead slug," -Haymitch, The Hunger Games
"Puck, your an awesome villain." - Sabrina Grimm, The Sisters Grimm
"What do you do when your parents are evil?" -Tobias, Allegiant
"Some infinities are bigger then others." -Augustus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars
"Art is part of the soul." - My big Brother!!!
"Oh, and a hippo is really a elephant." -Lily, The Giver.
I'm out -Annabella:)

P.S. My fans are called CrazyKinds

  • Annabella the writer
    Title: Adidas
    Author: Annabella WandArrow
    Genre: realism
    Summery: I am here. Life a weird thing of ups and downs. Oh and soccer. This is life.
    Any thing else: can there be a picture of a soccer ball, and a dark blue soccer jersey? If not the jersey, for sure the ball. Thanks Annabella:)
    CorkyPorky's Cover Store //CLOSED
    CorkyPorky's Cover...
    I really enjoy making covers, so I figured why not make covers for other people on Movellas? Just comment the details listed in the first chapter and I'll do my best to make a cover to the best of my...
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