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Everyone comes to a point in life, where they question themselves, their purpose in life. I believe, that reading stories can help you find yourself and get away from the fake smiles. Every book you read, every character you feel, it influences your life in a very special way. I am here to process my experiences and thoughts in stories and to maybe help you find a new view of life. Enjoy!

  • Anna Lind Ella

    mumbled "Valentines Day Special!"

    I published a short love story called "loving olives"! I'd love if you all would go read it! Have a nice day!

    "I hate olives.
    And I hate Annik de Rouge.
    The spy from the Red Clan. The Red Clan and my clan are huge hostiles.
    Yesterday they tried to burn our castle. Even though our clan is called the Black Clan, my family and I live in a huge bright house we call the castle. It has every light color possible…"
  • Anna Lind Ella

    mumbled "New Chapter released"

    The new Chapter of my Movella Fantasy-storyline is out now. It would make me very happy, if you would go and check it out! It is called "I don't want to join the team!". Thank you and have a nice day!
  • Anna Lind Ella

    mumbled "New Movella"

    The first chapter of my new Storyline "The Pirate" is out now! It is called "Picking the Picker" and it is kinda like a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi so enjoy and I would be very thankful if you would take a look. <3
    Have a nice day!
  • Anna Lind Ella

    mumbled "New Chapter!"

    I just posted my first actual chapter in my "dream diary". So whoever wants to get inspired, go read it XD. It's called "The Train".
    Thank you and have a nice day!
    1 months ago
    Can't wait to read it!
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