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  • AngelLove394
    Thank you so much for choosing my character! It really means a lot! Loving this so far<3
    Always In My Head *Sequel to Never Forget*
    Always In My Head...
    Life hasn't been easy for young couple Becca and Louis. Together they've faced heartbreak, sadness and loneliness all at the hands of someone who put on an innocent face the whole time. Now, Louis is flourishing...
  • AngelLove394
    Hi! I'm applying for the part as a girl for Harry. And I believe you should call the 3rd book: Always In My Head
    Name: Melissa
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Dark wavy red hair, grey eyes, medium height, skinny but curvy in the right places.
    Personality: Sassy but kindhearted, likes to flirt a little bit, is outgoing, is good at hiding things (secrets etc), shy but crazy. Oh and she does have a small obsession over cats ;)
    Never Forget *Sequel to Remember Me-Completed*
    Never Forget *Sequ...
    Becca and Louis are starting to get used to living life in the spotlight. Their relationship is going strong and they're happier than ever, until one person comes swooping in who can ruin everything for...
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