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  • Angelina Styles
    I think I might stop my fanfics.... Should I?
    6 years ago
    do as you wish, as long as you'll be proud of what you write, it's okay

    i used to write 1D fanfics too but mine were so badly written that i stopped, and now i'm content of my work c:
  • Angelina Styles
    Hidden identity // H.S
    Hidden identity...
    His green orbs drew me in and now i am stuck. Stuck between his Angels and his Demons. Stuck within his hidden identity... No matter how confident someone might seem they're always fighting an inner...
    Skylar Styles <3
    6 years ago
    I will update tomorrow, I promise <3
  • Angelina Styles
    Hiiii. Stupid high school! It's been keeping me really busy! But I can update! And I need to know which story I should update or if I should start my Larry story.... Let me know ☺️
  • Angelina Styles
    I love it! Update soon ☺️
    It's In His DNA
    It's In His DNA
    They had known each other since they were in kindergarten together, His name is Louis 'Trouble Marker' Tomlinson, His name is Harry 'The Nerd' Styles. When Louis was a kid he wasn't a trouble maker but...
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