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  • Angel Nichole
    Please update!
    The Wild One (Sequel to 'Love')
    The Wild One (Sequ...
    Life as the kids of Harry Styles the once famous singer from One Direction should be a piece a cake right? Wrong. Aaden is 18 and Darcy is 16. Darcy is a rebel, doesnt listen much to Harry or Lynn, she...
  • Angel Nichole
    My name its Angel. I have blonde/brownish hair, blue eyes. I love sports, soccer and volleyball. I'm shy, tan, and extremely insecure. I'm average weight (skinny), kinda short and also kinda tall 5'5. I'm 14 years old. Can I be Harry's new girlfriend in your sorry, please.
    The Boy Next Door  (harry styles fanfic)
    The Boy Next Door...
    Imagen if you lived next door to 1/5 of one direction... Well this is what happend to Y/N (can not think of a name :)) a new boy moves next to her the morning she wakes up but she gets a suprize of who...
    Angel Nichole
    7 years ago
    I'm also funny. My friends say that I have a funny type of sense of humor. And yes I do take dirty jokes sometimes haha.
    Well thank you for saying about your self and if you want to add more info also you can :) and dont feel inscure about you self we al do sometimes and we are here to chat if you want well I am :)
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