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Call me Ishmael... Or not because that's a pretty awful name, my actual name is Caleb and it my not surprise you that I enjoy writing horror and anything of the suspense nature. I'm a senior in high school and have so many great friends who help me throughout the constant melodrama of teenage issues. I'm a pretty big people person, I love music and theatrical arts. I write as a manner of venting my emotions, my drawings function similarly. And with my love of theatrical arts comes my desire for constructive criticism. So yea, besides an awful self-esteem you've got to know me pretty well. So read to your heart's very desire, I'm ready for feedback or conversation. <(^-^)>

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    mumbled "Hey Guys!"

    So as of recently I have begun writing a story that I am rather proud of called Barber the Butcher.
    It's not a normal read either; taking inspiration from the narrative style of Fight Club as well as others of that style.
    It's a story about a man with no important name; he's a 31-year old cosmetologist who is rather bored and irritated with the world. It's influenced heavily with my own personal opinions about the state of the planet; but also combines a much darker twist with it all.
    I received high praise from a few of my friends about it and am hoping you too can leave me some constructive criticism on it and perhaps like and/or favourite it. as I would lie to launch this as a longer-term project. But I'd need readers to get it off of the ground.
    So please; if you get the time or the chance I would appreciate it in grand fashion if you were to read it.
    Barber the ButcherHis name isn't important. It's just a strain of thought following the life of a 31- year-old cosmetologist who is all too weary and annoyed with everything...

    Ps. You're all beautiful despite what you or others may think

    Pps. Smile, laugh and enjoy life; I get it's tough at times but it has to get worse before it gets better.

    ppps. Love you all; have a wonderful-tastic fabulous day.
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    mumbled "I am Back!"

    For the foreseeable future I will be putting up new content. Not particularly quickly, but I will. :p
    It's been a tough time, I graduated from high school and had a lot to accomplish between full-time job, getting housing situated and seeing who I wanted to before they shipped out to wherever. Beyond that I cherish sleep above almost all things.
    I hope you enjoy what I start to post, I have three projects I'm working on including Memories which will have a new chapter up within a week or so. As well as a new title I will be adding to the shelf called Barber the Butcher. And a screenplay that I've suffered major writer's block on called Tonight-Alive.
    But; to all who care, I'm updating and for the foreseeable future I will continue to do so.
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    mumbled "I've been absent"

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    Seeing as I have not written in quite some time, I thought it might be nice of me to bring my few faithful readers up to speed. In the past month and a half I have graduated highschool and gone through numerous unforeseen social changes where many people have stopped communicating with me frequently or at all. As you may assume this was a little rough on me, but I'm working on moving past it. I do not intend on going to school again for quite some time; hence why writing may be more of a scarce thing for myself. I will be working at least two part-times if not a full and a part time so I can move out of my current home and into an apartment with one of my close friends. And then will come the long working wait until my best friend and I are shipping out to LA once she graduates. Now; beyond what I've already talked about I have been hospitalized and had two of my friends hospitalized in the past two weeks; my visit was a minor one whereas the other two were not so much for my friends. And on top of that my mother will be going in for surgery in about three weeks where I will have her physical presence in my life away for a two month recovery period; while in some ways this is a relief because... Well... Parents have always been a battle for me. I will be distraught and concerned for her.
    Now, that I've completed that order of business I have a few more things to attend to outside of this internet realm where I read, write and critique alike.
    To all of you who read this, to anyone who cares; thank you... I have a lot more I cannot talk about because of promises I've made.
    I bid you all a good evening.
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    Oh, that's a shame. I understand that this is going to sound quaint coming from a complete stranger, but would you like to talk about it?
    If I could; I would
    Midnight Rogue
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    What do you mean?
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