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My name is Lesley. I'm a writer from Indiana currently living in South Carolina. I write fanfiction of all kinds and occasionally create stories of my own. I am absolutely in love with DC right now and probably always will be. I've been writing Batman fanfiction since seventh grade. I have been writing in general since sixth grade. I like reading other people's stories for entertainment and to grow as a writer myself. I am typically very friendly but sometimes I can be shy. What else? I like all sorts of Disney movies. I've written several Disney fanfictions actually...And I love baking and cooking for other people. I am still in high school and don't get to write as often as I would like, but that changes during breaks, of course.

I like foods. All kinds of 'em. Foreign foods in particular make me happy ^_^ . I am attempting to become pentaligual (is that a thing?). But bilingual for now. French and English. Soon to be Spanish, Japanese, and Norwegian as well. I have a language fetish...

I have a pet rock named Kevin.

  • anaispatterson
    I love this so far. And the fact there's "minor" characters from the series. Very cool.
    Curiouser and Curiouser: A Batman Fanfiction {Book IV in the Kids of Gotham Series}
    Curiouser and Curi...
    The Mad Hatter had assumed he'd be forever alone with no one to love him, but an orphan's love for any kindness is unconditional. {Rated Y to fit in with the others, there's really nothing PG-13 about...
    Lapis Lazuli
    6 years ago
    Thanks :) Just started the fifth (and final) book, which is going to take me FOREVER to write and is going to be a LOT longer than the previous books.
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