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Hi everyone!.. I have a horrible danish name that is really hard to pronounce, so I kinda just adopted Amelia Pierce.. I'm basically 19 years old, and I live in Denmark. I play the piano, the guitar, the cello, and I sing too. Whenever I feel like having a creative outburst I write it down, and I guees this is where people like you (reading this) can read it. :D

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    Has this story gotten too old to revive? I have thought about it, and if anybody is interested, I might just make some more. :D And while you're at it, why not read my new story.. uhh.. ;)
    Chosen By The Elements
    Chosen By The Elem...
    The story is about Kathleen Erathos Jones. She is 16 and her dad died when she was five. She is fighting a lot with her mom, and when she needs to think, she goes to her grandmothers house. One day, something...
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    I write down my dreams and publish them,

    I've recently started to pick out stories from my dream journal to publish them. It would be nice to get some feedback on my first chapter, and it would definitely help motivate my to write more. I'd be happy to look over some of your work in return! :)
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    This is a great story!.. I really like it, and even though, I mostly read fantasy, I actually like the realism in this!.. I think you're a great writer, and your spelling is great.. Something that bugs me a bit, is that you din't really use commas, and that kind of ruins the flow in the story.. and some of your grammar is a bit wrong, but that's it!.. I don't see any major errors!.. And the story is quite good!.. I feel like reading more!.. :D .xx
    Ivory Keys
    Ivory Keys
    Johnny and Tami are in love and everyone knows it. But them. Things take a turn for the best and the worst when Tami introduces her world to his. Shy, self-conscious and secluded, Johnny, a very religious...
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    If you would please help me and tell me where i should use commas i will fix it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it.
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    mumbled "....."

    I just hate it when I'm watching a good tv-series (Elementary), and I accidentally guess who the bad guy is.. sucks!.. -_-' But I know, I can always count on books!.. :) .xx
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