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Amee is my nickname. I'm Asian and Aussie. I love to create and write stories. I love music, dancing, singing, acting, reading books, hanging out with friends, etc. Instagram: AmeeSkylar =:3 I also have a YouTube channel which I now do most of my time: https://www.youtube.com/user/LittleAngel11431

I'm a fan of the Janoskians and Luke Brooks is my fave twin! <3
A Directioner and my favorite is Harry Styles.
(=' :') ~♥

As you can probably tell I do not live in the UK so One Direction didn't exist in my head. Anyway, at the time, it was morning and I was in the car going to school and it was foggy weather (not my cup of tea! -_-). The radio station was on at 104.1 2day FM and a song begins to play. I didn't recognize the song at all. I listened to the song (more like analyzed) and counted five mystery voices - they sounded good. After the song was finished, Kyle Sandilands said "That was 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction on 2day FM" and cut to commercial. I was curious because I never heard of One Direction, let alone when I got to school, none of my friends had even heard of them.

Before you go on to start with the "Living under a rock" speech, I did my research. With a smart brain like mine (no pun intended), after school, I went home and began going onto the computer and looked up 'One Direction'. There I found tons of results and of course, my jaw dropped to the ground. I went to Wikipedia and the first thing I saw was 'X Factor UK'. I decided to further my research on YouTube and searched them up with X Factor UK. I began watching each of their auditions and was smiling pretty much. The videos at the time were uploaded a year ago; maybe more. Of course, Harry Styles got to me. The dimples, curly hair and his smile made me melt (no lie).

I watched all of their videos: Video diaries, those challenge videos (Chilli Challenge, etc), Quick Fire, Question Time, all those; including the ones without One Direction. I found them hilarious. The song 'What Makes You Beautiful', I heard for the first in the year 2011. The lads auditioned in 2010. I live in Australia and we get to know things last!!!! -_-


As a fan of One Direction, I don't see them as a boy band, I see them as five normal lads living their dreams, doing what they love and giving back to their fans. I'm not one of those overly-obsessed fans. I like One Direction for who they are, not what they are. All the fame, fortune (and the list goes on); I only see five ordinary lads who began theirs journey in X Factor UK.

Music: Lorde, Lana Del Rey, One Direction, OneRepublic, Eminem, Samantha Jade, The Collective, Birdy, Cher Lloyd, etc.

I love movies and pretty much I used to almost every weekend on Saturday's I would go to the cinema and see a film with friends. I still do but at the time, I realised it wasn't the smartest thing to do - money waste much?!?! Anyway, favorites are: Love Actually, Toy Story (I still love my Disney and Toy Story never gets old), Harry Potter, Whip It, Ted, Step Brothers, etc.


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If you are obsessed over One Direction, follow me.
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    Three Years Later...
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    mumbled "Dynamics: Remember Me (Liam Payne Fanfiction) - Let's Be Clear"

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    Sadly, I have moved onto other things. However, writing stories will never fade. Just now, it has been brought to my attention to address a certain issue regarding to my story, Remember Me (Liam Payne Fanfiction) in the comments. You guys know I published it on 4th October 2013 and the story is finished with a sequel. Now, I am in works of chapters so please be patient.

    However, the story is 3 years old and the pictures for the characters is how I see them to be described. I would like to make this very clear: No photos will be changed for any purpose or reason. If it's the same photo for the character as yours in your story, I will not be changing it. No matter how old the story is. I have seen from other websites for fanfiction stories (in general) as well here with the same photo under different names. Yet, you found mine as the prime target. Because of the one photo you're so worried about. And yet, it's not the only photo I've seen in fanfictions. If it bothers you that I have the same photo, you are freely to change it. I don't own the photo. You don't own the photo. It's from the internet. Everyone get's their photos from the internet when it comes to stories. The photo represents the person as the writer envisions and describes to see fit. And, you can't even spell my character's name right.

    Ask me to change mine, the answer will be no. Why? I envisioned Makaela (not Mikaela) as the girl in the photo. I apologize if this sounds harsh in any shape or form which is not my intention but once I set a chapter of photos for characters or anything at all, it doesn't change. Changing the photo would mean I would have to change the story. Of course you may say I don't have to change the photo, but the way the photo embodies the characteristics and personality to form the character every writer/author thinks is beyond to the imagination.

    The comment from the user will stay there. I don't publish much anymore due to life forces and everyday growing situations. I do try to come back every once in a while. This put a sour taste in my mouth and I do have a lot more to share. But, one thing's for sure: I have a short temper and small things can set me off easily. This is minor but Remember Me (Liam Fanfiction) is 3 years old. Once I finish a story (with pictures), it's finished. You don't expect one's account to come back a year later to just change a detail. No.

    It's like magazines and newspapers. Each company uses the same or different photos and most of the time, the photos are used in the same way for rumors and media gossip.

    Well, I hope this covers mostly of what I was trying to get across. There may be hate towards this post. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
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    mumbled "New Update"

    5 years agoReply
    Hey everyone,

    So as of probably now, you can tell I have not updated much since last year and you may probably be fed up because of it. My YouTube channel I'm currently doing you can comment you suggestions here is you would like me to read out the story in the videos instead of your eyes hurting the back of your head. My YouTube channel is based about Beauty - Makeup and Skincare but also some advice on my Life Lessons series later this year.

    I'm not gone forever or leaving Movellas anytime soon. I will also host a Skype session very soon so if you have a Skype account and you have questions about the stories I have, feel free to prepare questions and I'll be more than happy to answer them. Spoilers and things like that I cannot say at this time. I will let you know when the Skype session will be happening soon!

    As a kick-start to 2015, a Skype session, a read-out story telling on my YouTube channel (let me know if it's a good idea! =) and a secret project coming up!
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    mumbled "BACK!"

    6 years agoReply
    Happy to announce that I'm back. Been a long two-month break.

    However, there's a new One Direction fanfic up called Bond. Basically, the story is a One Direction Fanfic to which has some realism-based events. The fun part is, I will not reveal the realism events that are either true or untrue. Check it out and see if you fancy of adding it to your favorites, like and comment. Feedback would be appreciated. It's too early to say whether I'll continue with Bond as I have some inspiration and ideas for the story. The cast is already up but no chapter yet. I have also added two new characters that I don't really do: The parents. This story does get interesting.

    I have truly missed updating my stories. I feel Remember Me should have an extended alter expansion in the story - more information and a bit longer. I may change the chapters to add in more content.

    Overall, school has been hectic as usual. HSC in term 3 and cannot wait to get it over and done with.

    - Amee
  • Amee
    6 years agoReply

    A new chapter has been created as Names: Updated on 22/04/14 if you're wondering where your name is.

    - Amee
    Any form of bullying can lead to serious consequences. Cyber bullying is one of the worst form(s) of bullying. Suicide is the most common. Death is no joke. I've lost two (now three) of my best friends...
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    mumbled "OMG! READ"

    6 years agoReply
    Seriously, gotta do a major update on Movellas. I apologize 1000x over for not updating at all. School, TAFE, social life, etc are really getting onto me. If you missed me and wanted to know what I'm doing, Instagram is the way to go. I'm on Instagram a lot and it's a bad habit.

    Instagram: http://instagram.com/ameeskylar#

    Wattpad isn't updated either so I'm sorry for that as well.

    Again, I do apologize for this inconvenience. Updating after 26th April hopefully a few days after.

    - Amee

    PS: UPDATING Remember Me ..........


    NOW! ;)
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