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I am an avid reader who loves fantasy and adventure novels, especially Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. My favorite shows are RWBY, the X-Files, and Poirot. One of my favorite things to do is create fanfictions with elements from as many different stories as possible, so be prepared for a wild ride in my stories, and please feel free to leave me constructive criticism on all of them.

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    mumbled "New Story Soon!"

    Hey awesome people! I know I haven't published any chapters in a while, but I've been really busy. I know that's a terrible excuse, but it's true. So, I'd like to make an announcement. I'm planning on publishing a new fan fiction soon, and it's only going to be based on one thing (shocking, I know). It's going to be set in the RWBY universe, and set from the point of view of a student attending Beacon Academy. For those of you who don't know, RWBY (pronounced 'ruby') is a series created by Monty Oum, who recently passed away. It is posted on the RoosterTeeth website and their YouTube channel, so I suggest you check it out if you like action, magic, awesome weapons and characters, and some really funny and cool villains. Two seasons of this amazing show are out so far, and I've wanted to make a fan fiction based on it for a while, but never had the time. So keep an eye out for it, and maybe give me a few tips when it comes out.
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    mumbled "The Perfect Day"

    Recipe For a Perfect Day (at least in my house):
    - 1 pair of comfy sweatpants
    - 1 football game
    - 1 huge Packers jersey(wearing)
    - 1 Minecraft strategy guide
    - 2 fuzzy socks
    - 1 laptop, mouse, and mouse pad
    - 1 comfy couch

    So, that pretty much sums up my day so far. GO GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    mumbled "New Chapter!!!!!!!"

    So I'm finally back, hopefully to stay. I've been dealing with writer's block and a lack of time, but now I think I will have more time to update. I just added a chapter to The Forgotten Character, so feel free to check it out and to leave me a comment. I'll try to update Falling Stars soon, but I want to make a little more progress with The Forgotten Character first. I'm really sorry for not updating!
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    mumbled "New Book!!"

    I went to a bookstore today and bought "The Unfinished Tales"!!!!!! It includes how the 5 wizards and Galadriel came to Middle-earth!!! I'm so happy! :)
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    mumbled "Break Time!"

    Hey everyone! I'm going to take a break from my Movella and start a new one. I just need a little time for the story to develop in my head. Don't worry, I'll start it up again in maybe a week or so, but in the mean time I hope you will like my new story!