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•Niall and Harry are our prince charmings•
We write mostly Harry, Niall, and Zayn fan fictions.
Amaya's Horan's girl, and Kalli's Styles's girl. <3
Check out our single pages!; ➡️ horans_girll &' ➡️ Kalli Styles <3

  • amaya_and_kalli
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    omg so good i love it
    21 Days
    21 Days
    Because of Grace losing a bet, she now has to do whatever the school jock, Niall Horan wants her to do. She has to stay with him at his place for 3 weeks, and obey Niall's orders. Whether it's doing his...
    4 years ago
    Haha, thanks Kalli:p
  • amaya_and_kalli
    Me and Kalli are coming up with a new Harry Styles fan fiction, and it's called How To Be A Heartbreaker. I know you all will LOVE it! Most likely we'll be putting it up today, so if you see it up, check it out! x - Mya
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