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    I finally updated after a year
    The Friends we used to be
    The Friends we use...
    Hannah and Harry were best friends since the day they were born. There parents were best friends and now they are. Hannah and Harry were irreseperateable. One day Harry tries out for X Factor and becomes...
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    Hi! My name is Amanda and I would like an Imagine with Louis Please. I have long straight brown hair with dark brown eyes. I am short and I am not pale I got pretty ran this summer. I would please like a clean story. I would like it to be about falling in love and you could do whatever you want with the story as long as its clean and really cute. Thank you!!:)
    One Direction/5sos Imagines (On Hold)
    One Direction/5sos...
    Hey guys! I've decided to start writing imagines for anyone who requests one. Just comment which guy you want from either 1D or 5sos. Also, please include your name and description. If you want a specific...
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    OMG I love it Kam update or else!!!! Hahaha
    We Were Perfect
    We Were Perfect
    we were perfect. our relationship. our love... Don't call anymore. I won't pick up. This is it. I don't wanna hurt anymore. And you can tell me that you're sorry again But I'm not gonna believe you....
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    Can I date any one of them I like Louis but anyone of them would be great:) I have brunette hair that's a bit longer then my shoulders, My eyes are dark brown and my name is Amanda. I am going to add that I am kinda short hahaha. If there is anything else you want to know tell me!:)
    one direction adopted us!
    one direction adop...
    One Direction has to adopt a kid so each of them gets there own kid.
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