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......soo I've change a little bit......don't really like one direction anymore. I'm a complete punk and metalhead. I love, BMTH, BVB, PTV, SWS, AA, Suicide silence, Get scared, Three days grace, MIW, Bullet for my Valentine, and SO many more. I still love writing, and I like to sing and dance. I'm a huge loner and hate being in crowds. I don't have many friends, but that aight. I also LOVE Anime and read lots of Manga. I also really love Homestuck. Okay so maybe I've changed a little more than 'a little bit'. Mwahahahaha!

  • Fuck this, Fuck that
    Alyssa,Lavi bookman (anime crush ��),me: 16 him:18, orange, hazel and romantic please.
    Crush Imagines
    Crush Imagines
    I will write imagines for people who have a crush on anyone,it doesn't matter who.
  • Fuck this, Fuck that
    You need to update
    Fake Relashionship Real Feelings [On Hiatus]
    Fake Relashionship...
    Jade (based on me) has an ex boyfriend. The problem is he won't leave her alone until she finds a new boyfriend. He even beats her sometimes so Jade decides to hire a fake boyfriend by the name Harry....
  • Fuck this, Fuck that
    im clueless for what to do for chapter 9 or 10 gawh!
    A Broken Promise
    A Broken Promise
    When Kayla's brother Louis Tomlinson brings her to meet his band she's afraid of falling for one of the boys.Why,because she doesn't want to get hurt again.To find out what happens you gotta read the story
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