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    This is really good! Update soon? X
    Half a Heart Without You
    Half a Heart Witho...
    When The boys get called in for a business trip in Hollywood before Christmas, Harry realizes that there is more than just fame in glory. Italia, strong-headed shows no mercy for the boy and his little...
    7 years ago
    Yes of course!
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    Update soon! Love it!<3 x
    Bullied all day, all night
    Bullied all day,...
    Alex Tomlinson, bullied by everyone. She was a mistake.... Never made to happen. Her brother is Louis Tomlinson. Alex has to put up with so much... that she almost ends it all. But something saves her...
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    Masturbate loads+hard ;) x
    Alex Renders was the girl you could call a lesbian slut. All she ever does is just looking for a one night stand. But one day she finds Tina Reed, who just happens to be her another one night stand. But...
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    This is amazing! just realised that we have the same nickname kinda!!xxx
    Liam payne's twin sister?!
    Liam payne's twin...
    This is my first movella so the writing might be off a bit :s My kidnapper shot himself..so the police took me back to my family! I finally get to see mum dad and Liam! After 13 years I am back!
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    Just lead the story on and then April talks to Louis but no one else and harry gets jealous because he loves her but only Louis knows then Louis talks to April about Harry and finds out she loves harry then he try's to get them together and harry and Louis find out somewhere in the middle of the story about her getting bullied and take April on tour with them whilst getting homeschooled and then just lead on from there? Just a suggestion? Xx
    Mute **ON HOLD**
    Mute **ON HOLD**
    Apryl has never spoken a word ever since her family died in a tragic house fire. Will One Direction's loudest member get her to talk?
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