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  • AlexBoommaker
    I love the description, the story, the characterization. just the whole story is amazing! I wanted to give criticism but I can't find anything to say!

    anyways, I would appreciate if you could lend me your talent by looking at my entry (and if you like it, well, like/fav)

    TrustThe king of Stormwind tries to balance being a father with being a king.
    "Forsaken" is about a former High Elven Ranger reliving his final moments of life, and then a venture into the Undercity to have his opinions twisted in a moment of realization.
  • AlexBoommaker
    I love the descriptions, but it is kinda short

    (though I suppose one could make a smarmy comment to me about glass houses, but whatever.)
    Assassin of Kings
    Assassin of Kings
    In the shadow of the Gilneas wall, deep below the earth, prisoners of war are being forced to dig through the night, at the point of a crossbow. What they uncover will be their end... A (very) short...
    6 years ago
    Did you read all four chapters? (Granted, even with all 4 it is still short, but I wondered)
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