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Um.. I'm not the best writer, but I try my best. Give me a break though, I'm only a sophomore!
I play the clarinet. I've been to a few honor bands :3 (just a few �� )
Band awards:
-JSU Honor Band 2012 Participant (17th chair)
-Chattahoochee State Honor band 2012 and 2013 Participant (2nd chair)
- Troup Tri-M Honor Band 2013 Participant (6th chair)
-University of Alabama Honor Band 2014 Participant (12th chair)
- JSU Honor Band 2014 Participant (5th chair)
-1st chair 6th-10th
- University of Alabama Honor Band 2015 (12th chair)

And I'm a publicist ambassador.

My favorite author on here is Morgan R (εїз).

What is life?
Supernatural is always the answer.

-jessy [°•°]

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    mumbled "Long time no see..."

    So um, hi everyone. I haven't posted on here for like, 2 years. I had actually forgotten about this site. A lot has changed. I'm officially 18, making me an adult! I'm in my last year of high school. I haven't really had much time to write. Dual enrolling is hard. I don't like econ. I'm very active on Instagram (I have 4 accounts!). You can follow my meme page @furry_meowtain or my personal @alabamagirl1414. I just had the strong urge to write because a lot of crap has gone down within the last few months. I don't have time to write, but oh well. If you follow me on Instagram, message me and let me know!!! I'll be happy to talk if you would like!!!
    3 years ago
    Hello welcome! I am in the same spot as you! My mother showed this site to me two years ago and I never did it till now. Im also 18! I hope to read your new stories soon!
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    mumbled "Is this what I think it means?"

    I'm not sure if this means that my story was on the popular page or anything, but even if it's not, thank you guys soooo much for reading!!! I have the next chapter in the drafts, and my partner just has to approve it and publish it! I know I haven't been active like I should be, and I'm sorry about that. I've been REALLY busy these last few weeks and I'll only be getting busier. I'm opening up a store on Storenvy soon to sell my duct tape items (yes, I make things out of duct tape.). Again, thank you guys for reading, and if you want to keep up with my day-to-day life, you can follow me on Instagram @tapetastic14. Love you guys!!
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    mumbled "Questions? I have answers!"

    I've gotten a lot of questions asking if I had based my story on real life.

    The answer to that is a yes and no.

    My own best friend's name is Brianna.
    I did specifically ask if she could sit with me up front at my grandfather's funeral.

    He died when I was 13.

    Me and Bri are really crazy.

    I've never been to Heaven. I can only imagine. Plus I decided to go with mythology since everyone has a different religion. I didn't want to offend anyone. Plus mythology is historical and some cultures still actually believe in it. I think it's just really cool to learn.

    I don't know anyone personally in a wheelchair.

    Some of the mythological stuff could be incorrect. I've studied mythology for the past couple years through a mythology class and a few novels (Percy Jackson, The Goddess Test series) and I'm only going off by what I remembered. I'm too lazy to actually look it up. Haha ��

    If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask.
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