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Niall's my little infinity <3

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    I know this is a late request but PLEASE UPDATE THE DIRECTION OF FATE it's so fricking good and I need it in my life.
    The Coexistence
    The Coexistence
    An ordinary morning becomes phenomenally unordinary when 17-year-old Emilia Montgomery steps out onto the street and looks up at the sky. The once blue orb was now replaced by an alien membrane reflecting...
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    mumbled "THANKS GUYS!"

    Hey everyone, thanks SO much for the 1.7K reads on my book "Eighteen"! If you haven't read it yet, click this link:
    Eighteen"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen." - One Direction

    Also I am seriously fangirling over the new One Direction song Love you, Goodbye. :3
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