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I am the light you wish you could darken. I am the darkness you wish you could lighten. I am the God you wish you could demonize. I am the demon you wish you could make angelic. You are the lowlife and I am the upper class. You are the player and I am the creator. I am Akira, simply divine. I am Chris, simply intellectual. You will find that my names are synonyms. That is because I am the divine intellect of Chris and Akira. I'm not in it for fame, but this life is a game, and we are not the same. Simply and intellectually divine.

バーチャルリアリティVirtual Reality

My Wattpad family:
Sister: @quinnfay
Fraternal Twin: @CandyGirl310 (She's my twin of the opposing gender.)
Other Sister: @annoyingmimi

I seem arrogant. I'm not. I just sound like I am.