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I love anime and Game of Thrones. I also love Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. I love music and i play the violin.
One of my most developed characters is Michihara Thorn (You can read about and get to know her in my movella Every Rose Has Its Thorn!).
Thanks for looking at my profile~nya!

  • Akio Miyume

    Adventure Time Roleplay

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    I was wondering if anyone would like to rp some adventure time.

    Oc Form~
    Name: Torikaze Anzu
    Age: 1,800 in Kitsune years; 18 in human
    Species: Kitsune (she has nine tails that are joined at the end)
    Looks: Anzu has long copper brown hair that is wavy and stops at her knees. She has yellow ears and are tipped with white and her tails are yellow and tipped with white also. She has deep purple eyes that any male would loose themselves in. People say she has flawless skin and is very pretty though she does not believe them.
    Personality: She is very sweet and keeps to herself. She does distrust males for her own reasons. She has a thing for sweets and this is usually her downfall.
    Akio Miyume
    3 years ago
    Absolutely! Feel free to make a character!
    Akio Miyume
    3 years ago
    (accepted! I'm gonna go ahead and make a post.)

    Anzu began by climbing over the wall that surrounded her kingdom. She practically ran as fast as she could away from the wall. She wasn't quite sure where she was going but knew that she could find her way back home. She laid down and stared at the sky. Her thoughts traveled back to when she was younger. She smiled to herself. "Man. I was a bad child."

    2 years ago
    (May I join?)
  • Akio Miyume

    PriPara RP

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    This is for the anime PriPara. I don't care if its meant for little ones...and if you don't either than this place is for you.

    Seneario: Its the time where Elementary Schoolers are allowed to go to PriPara Openly. Fuwari-chan has just arrived.

    Open Characters:
    Stage Name:
    Idol Level:
    Akio Miyume
    3 years ago
    Name: Hanagaru Sylvia
    Age: 11
    Grade: 6
    Stage Name: Sylvia
    Brand: Twinkle Ribbon
    Idol Level: Debut Class
    (Heres A list of all the Classes: http://pripara.wikia.com/wiki/Idol )

    Real- Her pastel purple hair becomes a navy blue kind of color. She still keeps her bangs that cover up her left eye. Her amber colored eyes become brown and she is wearing the Elementary school uniform.
    (*Please add Apperence to your form submission).
  • Akio Miyume
    3 years agoReply
    OMG! NOO~! Dot has to live! I will boycott this book..lol.
    The Caregiver
    The Caregiver
    You humans are weird. Your language is so hard, you walk stupidly, you call each other stupid names, you get to eat the most amazing things, though. I don't know how to feel about you. (Cover is made by...
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    mumbled "So I'm looking for some people to CC for me..."

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    If anyone's intrested. I'm really curious on what you all have to say about my book Every Rose Has It's Thorn.
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    mumbled "Baby names...hm"

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    Don't worry..I'm not going to have one right now..I'm thinking about the future..and I want and opinion.

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