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  • Viktoriana

    mumbled "Sighhh"

    2 years agoReply
    I feel so out of place here...
    Hey! You have 22 followers, theres to there responded your mumble, and you have 951 there have reeded your story 'Just for Fun'! :D
    (Im sorry if my english are bad... Im dont on the english movellas normal :))
    2 years ago
    Oh its fine.. And I always reply to people's things and I always get ignored.. Its kinda of a pain to be here anymore than I already have.. Being ignored and forgotten and left behind is one of my biggest fears..
    I just think you have a bad day ^^ Try to sleep on it, and then see on it :) I dont think people ignorer you intentionally ^^
    I can see it can be hard for you if one of your biggest fears are to be forgotten and left behind, but I think your dont gonna be forgotten or left behind ^^
  • Viktoriana
    3 years agoReply
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    I really like this.
    CP's Go Back To High School
    CP's Go Back To...
    the creepypastas go back high school people and they are ready to leave it already. Slender man puts them all under a spell that makes them look human again. EJ has eyes, Jeff has no smile & has eyelids...
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