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    A few new story's will be coming soon!

    Here is a preview to each (Short summary)

    "The Alpha's Cinderella"

    Ella Woods wasn't your typical she-wolf, she didn't run with her pack, she didn't hang out with the others; she was the loner- the outsider. Not that anyone cared if she was. Her father died when she was young leaving her behind to her step-mother. Lets just say This cinder-ELLA didn't have two step-sisters, but THREE; Her prince charming of course? The Alpha Prince.

    "Not His Princess"

    Meet Victoria Andersson a Sarcastic Teenage girl, who will always be herself and not change just to lease others.

    She somehow manages to take care of and support her family. Its a struggle with her mom being a low paid daycare teacher. Not only that but her mom is also struggling with the money to pay for her cancer treatment.

    Even when Victoria does her best to earn money for the family consisting of her little brother who is 2 years old, her mother, soon to be step-dad, and of course herself.
    Meet Brad Kingston, the prince of Dayton. Cockiness in all he knows he can get any girl he wants.
    When he travels to the village and sees a girl who mesmerizes him all his cockiness seems to fade away and in turn becomes determination to getting his princess.
    Can a girl struggling to take care of her family, who stands up and protect innocent people, and a "criminal" to the so called King actually end up with the Kings son, A boy at heart who only wants to please others. He may be an arrogant jerk on the outside but just a wonder soul that needs healing on the inside.

    But the saying "Love conquers all" is it a myth or is it reality.

    "The billion-heir"

    Ashley Herripy a serious, but outgoing girl from the lower suburbs of New York.

    She doesn't exactly scream 'Money'.
    She doesn't even own a house.
    She doesn't have a job (anymore).
    She has one week to pay rent at her old crappy apartment.
    & She barely has enough money to look after her son Michael.

    Meet Jordan Lockhart billionaire playboy; responsible for many heartbreaks, and CEO of Lockhart Enterprise.

    Now he 'SCREAMS' Money.
    With his-
    Greek God looks.
    Billion Dollar suits.
    & Collection of cars.


    One steamy night 4 years ago they met.
    She was a girl;
    He was a boy;
    How much more obvious could it get?

    Because now she has a 3 year old son and has no idea who the father is- not that she cared; she knew a guy who wanted a one-night stand only wanted ONE night. So when she somehow lands a job at Lockhart Enterprises she says luck is on her side, but when she meets her baby daddy; she says luck is on the other side.

    What will happen?
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