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I've never really written a proper description of myself, so here it goes:
Hey, y'all! I'm Sarah. I play five instruments-- piano and piano -like instuments such as marimba and xylophone (which I'm qualifying as one instrument), ukulele, guitar, flute, and trumpet-- and I've written ever since I could pick up a pencil and paper. Seriously. I have notebooks full of stories as far back as preschool-- as well as a diary that contains deep confessions such as, "Sometimes I watch PG-13 movies," and, "I don't actually like pears". In many of my stories, even back then, there are science fiction elements, such as aliens, ray guns, transporter rays, human genetic coding devices, etcetera, etcetera. I love to write science fiction to this day, but I am also exploring other genres, such as historical fiction, horror, and mystery. I've taken some online classes in making attractive graphics, so I also enjoy making profile pictures, backgrounds, and covers for stories and am always up to make you one-- just hit me up (just a bit of an adplug there). I'm always down to co-author stories as well, so always feel free to message me or write on my wall asking me to co-author! I enjoy drawing, and post my art to the linked Instagram (which is also located lower in my description). When I was smaller, I was into Spongebob, but now I mostly watch anime, game shows, reality shows, cooking shows, and I've watched one single actual tv show series (Reign, which I totally recommend). I'm always up for CC! If you ever need a friend, but me up, too!

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I'm always down to do an rp!

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As you can probably tell by my pfp and my background, I love anime, especially Full Metal Alchemist, Mushi-shi, Death Note, and Soul Eater.

Formerly known as The Yeti. (Origin of this pen name: My story The Y.E.B.C.)
Formerly known as A Flannel Rat Rush. (Origin of this pen name: It's an anagram of my name.)
Formerly known as The Mystic Jackalope. (Origin of this pen name: I found my old, gigantic stuffed jackalope from when I was five. Actually, I thought it was huge then. Now it just looks normal sized. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Apparently stuffed animals do not grow.)
Formerly known as Infinite InSAnnity. (Origin of this pen name: It's a play on my name-- Sarah Ann, so SAnn.)
Formerly known as Annihilator. (Origin of this pen name: I used my dictionary to look up words that started with Ann.)
Formerly known as Striped Sweaters Forever. (Origin of this pen name: If you don't get it, I ain't explaining.)

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I'm straight. But I put it here because it doesn't really matter.

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    I love how this is written! It has a really nice pace, and it's really captivating!

    Some things to consider (I read over the prologue and the first chapter):
    - You should put a space after your "-" unless it's a compound word.
    - You have a few run-ons, such as your sentence, "You needn't be unthankful, it wasn't like...". I would put a period or semicolon where the comma is, seeing as they are two separate thoughts. Pretty much, if you have two independent clauses/two complete thoughts in one sentence, you need to separate them by a period or semicolon.
    - You should apply the same rules of the quotes with question marks or exclamation marks as you do quotes with periods. For example, you'd say:
    "No!" she said.
    The same as you'd say:
    "No," she said.
    In other words, don't capitalize the first letter addressing phrase after it unless it's a proper noun.

    This is an awesome story, and I look forward to reading more of it!
    All Amelia did was skip school and now a whole other world she never knew existed is baying for her blood. And the only person willing to help her is an ancient assassin.
    Nadra Saba
    3 months ago
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    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I'll keep all of that in mind when writing. :)
  • The Yeti
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    Hey! It feels really weird to come right out and ask, but I absolutely love your writing and I was wondering if you'd be up to coauthor something with me? I'm up for any kind, and I don't mind if you say no or not!
    The Yeti
    3 months ago
    Sure thing! I'll make it and invite you!
    The Yeti
    3 months ago
    @[Midnight_Souls] I invited you!
    3 months ago
    Okay thankks!
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    mumbled "New Short Story!"

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    Hey, ya'll! I just wrote and posted another short story! It's not a very long read, but I hope ya'll enjoy it! I'd love to get your thoughts on it! The story is up to interpretation, and I hope you all have different ideas on what ya'll think of what it is and what the point of it is, as I have my own, so ya'll feel free to comment! Also, if you want to leave CC, it's greatly appreciated!
    OrangeOrange is mine.
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    Closed RP

    3 months agoReply

    Setting - In the medieval-era kingdom of Edosia, the king and queen have been captured by a neighboring castle. It's a grapple for the throne between their sons, but finally the eldest takes the throne, banishing the other three brothers far away. The eldest brother, being only seventeen, looks to his council to rule the kingdom, and now the kingdom is mayhem, the king turning a blind eye to it foolishly. The only logical way to solve this problem is to get the king and queen back -- but how?

    Name -
    Age -
    Role in kingdom (king/queen/royal of another kingdom, one of the King's siblings, knight, servant, maid, cook, council member, assistant to the king, village noble, villager, etc.) -
    Looks -
    Special abilities (magical abilities, any advanced/special physical abilities, musical abiloties, etc.) -
    Extra -

    My characters:
    Name - King Charles Edosia
    Age - 17
    Role - King of Edosia
    Looks -

    Special abilities - Expert with a bow
    Extra - Terrible at hand to hand combat

    Name - Acerina "Mary" Chalder
    Age - 26
    Role - Village seer, occasionally is asked to see for the king as entertainment
    Looks -

    Special abilities - can see into the future through dreams and mindlapses
    Extra - grows carrots and is known as the village loon

    Name - Sir Henrik "Henri" Nevear (Henri pronounced hawn-ree)
    Age - 24
    Role - knight and ambassador for the great kingdom Mindos, the enemy that captured Charles' parents
    Looks -

    Special abilities - has a knack for medicine and herbal remedies, has a great sense of direction, and is good with a sword
    Extra - has a very short temper and is very violent and impulsive


    Your characters:
    Name: Lady Katherine
    Age: 18
    Role: Close friend/adviser to the king

    Skills: Cooking, an amazing horseback riding, swordfighting
    Extra: Terrified of heights

    Name: Lord Jonathan
    Age: 27
    Council member

    Extra: He's extremely sly

    Alive characters:
    Charles Dowle (King)
    Acerina "Mary" Chandler (Village seer)
    Sir Henrik "Henri" Nevear (Mindos knight and ambassador)
    Lady Katherine (Close friend/advisor to the king)
    Lord Jonathan (Council member)

    Dead characters:
    The Yeti
    2 months ago
    (don't judge the name, but it's mo.mo.the.mazing.birb)

    "You are."

    " I have...we should go somewhere private. "
    2 months ago
    2 months ago
    (Okay I replied :)
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    mumbled "Y'all! Important Announcement!!!"

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    The friend that I was talking about writing a story with just signed up on Movellas! Y'all go welcome her and follow her! She's @[SilkeSigh]!
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