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Sometimes I lose the things I am
for the things I wish I could be,
but then I realise who I am
are the things I choose in actuality.

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    mumbled "Co-author Competition..."

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    I've never co-authored before and this competition looks exciting. Anyone fancy co-authoring something with me?
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    mumbled "2 down... 99 to go"

    5 years agoReply

    Here's entry number 2!
    Sonnet of a Hidden PowerAn (Italian- without iambic pentameter because, damn that is hard to do) sonnet on the idea of a hidden power I see beyond pain, hiding because with it...

    PLUS: I HAVE 30 FANS---- WHAT?! here is a pic to best portray my current emotion

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    Leigh Bardugo is actually one of my favourite authors, and last year I joined movellas too late to enter the siege and storm competition, BUT HOLY HECK THE BOOKS ARE SOOO GOOD... they have captured my soul... I would totally r-e-c-o-m-m-e-n-d....so subsequently TO MEET LEIGH BARDUGO HERSELF IS THE CRAZIEST PRIZE EVER!!!!!!!!!! I am going to die..... I can't process why other people aren't as excited? EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW LEIGH.... If anyone needs me I'll be entering a hundred and one times until I get this..... One down, a hundred to go:

    She Who Holds Love's HeartA poem about a girl who ran into love so quickly that she gets hurt and feels that pain is the only truth in love. Unknowing that she herself has the power...

    P.S. everyone should enter this, the competition itself is a lot of fun!
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    mumbled "BIG NEWS..."

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    So you'll never guess what. Yesterday I had an interview with A REAL FILM COMPANY (though small and independent) AND THEY CALLED AND OFFERED ME A 4-WEEK PLACEMENT IN THE AUTUMN TO WORK WITH THEM WRITING SCRIPTS!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :D :D :D I cannot even describe how excited I am about this!!!!!!! There are no words. NO. WORDS. I cannot believe this O-O

    So to celebrate, here's a new story I'm entering in the walking dead competition. And if you guys have anything you'd like me to read and critique, just ask and I'll see what I can do ;)

    CO.R.P.S.CO.R.P.S.: A secure facility built years ago when the dead first woke and wandered the earth. Now it is a city, surrounded by a purely impenetrable wall....
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    mumbled "Suggestions?"

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    So I've just managed to update Ember (finally). But now I have time on my hands and nothing to do with it... What should I try to update? Any suggestions, like any at all? Pllleeeaaaasssseeee.
    I have too many stories... I need to prioritise :/

    Anyway here's Ember if anyone would like to check it out... I have to say I never expected this story to be so awkward to write, but it is and I'm pretty sure it's reads like it too. But as soon as I reveal some actual plot line it will all make sense... hopefully

    Ember'Even in this modern age there is order. The mortals wander the earth as the lowest of the low. The minor houses sit above them, with barely more privilege...