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I'm quite shy I don't talk much I'm American I love 5sos I hate all people except my family and 5sos I have no friends every one hates me and my real name is Brianna but I get called EM a lot or Emily witch ever one u like I am 12 years old i had to lie on my account and I'm single

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    Omfg I got done will falling for hood and fighting for u and u did amazing like wow girl
    Falling for Hood -BEING EDITED-
    Falling for Hood...
    Helen has just moved back to Australia after years of living in California. She is living with her brother, Luke Hemmings. Something Helen didn't know is that Luke has a friend, Calum Hood. They immediately...
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    Up date come on its past Monday
    Our little sister
    Our little sister
    Alexis is a 13 yr old girl who has to come live with her older brother luke and his band, Ashton CALUM and Michael. Also they are very strict. And when Alexis falls down and breaks one if those rules ,...
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    Yeah make one its really good goodgirl is right
    underneath the same stars
    underneath the sam...
    Going to a beautiful summer cottage with your best friend and you both fall for two amazing boys, sounds fun right. Well one. Mia, katie, Calum, and Luke's lives turn upside down it's nowhere near fun....
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