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probably never using this account again. sorry to those who liked these fan fictions. :-(

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    mumbled "Miley Cyrus c:"

    People need to stop hating on her. Her music video is all symbolic, so please stop thinking it was meant for a sexual kind of thing. She never meant for that. Stop it now.
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    mumbled "Hey guys! c:"

    I'm so sorry I haven't been updating any of my fanfictions. Honestly forgot about this account and website. But this is your chance to tell me which fanfiction you want me to update. If you'd like me to start updating your favorite fanfiction by me, go ahead and reply to this. I want to start updating them so none of you start hating me for not updating.
    And I also just want to say sorry again for not updating. And I'm sorry that most of my fanfictions suck ass. I'm not a very good writer so that makes sense. The people that write Larry smut are better than me to be completely honest.
    So, yeah, just reply to this and I'll probably update the fanfiction you say. Love you guys. Thank you. c':
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    Guys, I'll update it soon, I promise.
    Just Go With It (One Direction Version)
    Just Go With It...
    (By the way, Harry's suppose to be about 20 in this fanfic.) Harry was one of those guys that lied to women to hook up with them just for the night. He tells them he's married to a cruel wife and that...
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    Username; LetMeKissYou(heart type thing) Book title; Daylight Book description; Sammy and Harry met at a signing that Sammy's sister dragged her to. They instantly fell in love after a while of being friends. Love isn't that easy for them since Harru has to leave for tour. When he does, there's a rumor that Harry has been seeing Taylor Swift when he went to New York City. Sammy gets devastated because Harry promised her that he would never break her heart. He broke the promise.
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    It's okayy.
    Thanks! c:
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