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Hey I'm an aspiring writer and dancer. I feel that writing is a way to express yourself and put your feelings into words and a new character. I love to listen to One Direction, Taylor Swift, Little Mix, and much much more, I guess loving music comes with being a dancer. My friends would discribe me as a weirdo with a weird taste in friends and boys. I love art and SPARKLES the more the better! I like to do things like painting my nails, shopping. reading, taking photos, and talking with my friends. I'm like anyother teenager i love music my phone my friends, I can be rebellius sometimes and HATE school right now we have to learn about dead people what the heck! I'm a competitve dancer and dance is my passion along with writing. I also have an acount on wattpad, my username is ILuvOnedirection101, i have the same storys on there but they have different covers.
I've also been added to the movellas ambassadors team!!! Wooho!!!! So if any of you need guidance I'm here to help!

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    As you may have noticed I haven't updated in a long time. It saddens me to say that I'll be putting all of my stories on hold until further notice. I hope you understand just how important school is to me and that it has to come first so until further notice I will not be updating but do feel free to message me if you have any questions as I am still a guide ambassador :)
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    I'm soooo sorry for no updates in a really long time but I'm really stressed about school and dance, it's still near the beginning of the school year and I'm just trying to get into the swing of things but don't worry I've already started the next chapter and I'll upload it ASAP till then stay beautiful and have fun in school or work or whatever you do cuz I know I sure as heck/won't be enjoying school
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    mumbled "omg so sorry for no update"

    oh my gosh I'm so sorry for the lack of an update but my computer died and I've just been setting it all up and getting back into my school schedule! Just hang on here!
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    I'm so sorry for not updating today but I've been in a homework zone :-/ Ugh I hate this! I've only been in school for two days and I have homework already! Grade eight is already killing me! I want to go back to grade seven! I'll try really hard to finish the chapter and update tomorrow! Stay safe and have fun doing what ever you're doing!
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