• 1d lover hazza forever
    Not doing this movella anymore i domt have anytime for it anymore with moving houses and looking after all my animals
    Cutting me and hazza
    Cutting me and haz...
    My name is darcey Malone and I'm apparently beautiful but I don't believe it and one day a person started bullying me and calling me fat and a slut but I've never even had sex but I deffinetly am old enough....
  • 1d lover hazza forever
    I want to be the girl my names jordan
    I Never Loved You
    I Never Loved You
    Jenavive was Niall Horan's girlfriend. From 5'th grade. She goes with him to his X Factor audition. When he gets put in One Direction he forgets her. She moves away and forgets about him. And when he goes...
  • 1d lover hazza forever
    Plzzz update
    Little Things 2 (16+)
    Little Things 2...
    This is the sequel to 'Little Things (16+)'. Please read the first book prior to reading this one or you may not understand, ongoing storylines and references... Olivia, Amelia, Lauren, Katie and Ruby....
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