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I'm "1D is my kryptonite", but that's a pretty long name, so you can just call me 'El' (the cooler way of spelling Elle)

I have a couple things to clarify:

#1. I'm sure you can see from my pen name, I like One Direction. This does not mean I am a screaming, super obnoxious, teenaged girl. No, I am a very tough girl, who before one direction only enjoyed very strange indies' music. Why I like there song remains a mystery to all. So don't be too quick to judge.

#2. Yep, I write fan fiction, this does not mean I'm a creepy stalker, only that I am an academic woman with hobbies.

Also, I don't write fan fiction's because I dream of being there girlfriends, rather that I like the challenge of capturing the personalities of real people, and since so much about one direction is out there, it's easy to read tons about them and there personalities.

PS. If you don't like my writing, please tell me why, the only way I can improve is with constructive criticism.

<3 El

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