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Hi I'm Aimee! I love one direction and unicorns!

Fav band (s): One Direction and Little Mix

Fav food (s): CUPCAKES AND CARROTS (not just coz of louie) TACOS

Fav 1D couple: Awww Zerrie of course :)

Fav things: Friends. carrots, cupcakes, unicorns, British accents, Forever 21, 1D, Little Mix, SHOPPING!!!, red hair, sloths, tacos

Dislikes: PEOPLE WHO DONT LIKE ABOUVE (JK LOVE U GUYS :D) , spiders, homework, maths, to serious peeps, stake (eeew)

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    Sympathy Boy
    Sympathy Boy
    Liam Payne was the boy who was bullied at school, the one who had nobody attend his sixteenth birthday party. No one but me. I was the only one. He was the boy I felt sympathy for.
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    Agghhhh!! Update!! Suspense...
    The Soccer Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)
    The Soccer Girl...
    Katie is a normal 12 year old girl, following her dream of becoming a female soccer player. When her cousin Liam Payne and his band mates come and babysit her for 2 months, what will happen?
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    Plz update
    One Day Left (WBD entry)
    One Day Left (WBD...
    Horror struck on her face, "You have one day left." The doctor looked over his notes and shook his head towards Jennifer. The cancer has spread through almost every inch of your body." "One day?" She...
    Kelly G
    6 years ago
    I have another chapter in my drafts that's ready :)
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    I'm like crying! Update!
    Lies~ Niall Horan
    Lies~ Niall Horan
    Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if...
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    Update!! Love it
    the problem with love.
    the problem with...
    Valerie and Niall have been best friends ever since they were 5. When Niall leaves for the X factor, he leaves for 2 years and never turns back. Will Valerie ever see him again and is she does, what will...
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