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hi just in case you havent noticed i am like THE ULTIMATE JUSTIN BIEBER FAN and wil read any thing justin related except hate!! Also join my group please just type in justinbieberfanic. pweeez and thank you!!

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    mumbled "nothing to doooo!!!"

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    so im sick at home just sitting on movellas with nothing better to do with my life. #Boredasfuck
    4 years ago
    ha ha told you karma was a big fat b****
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    i hope he doesn't give in to kayla! it would make hell break loose with Kelsey.
    Danger (Justin Bieber)
    Danger (Justin Bie...
    THIS IS NOT MY STORY!! This story is by Jileyoverboard. The reason i do this, is because it is an amazing story that i want you guys to read and share with your friends So pls don't hate me :((
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    i know exactly ho youre talking about! cough* cough* JAYDEN MITCHELL!
    Why Me?!
    Why Me?!
    a girl that just wants to find out if her crush likes her back. when she do, she wants to win him over once and for all.
    4 years ago
    I gonna hurt you when we get back to school Ashley!
    1: ruining who I was talking about in my story
    2: not updating chapter 2 in my story yet!
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    ok so im new at this and i know its probably sucky x)!! But even if it is only positive feed back plzz! i realize this is probably stupid and i should have put this in the description. DONT JUDGE ME! LUV YOU!!!
    I hate that I love you!1
    I hate that I love...
    okay so my names ashley lynn. im not a belieber! oh and my dad may be scooter braun. actually i hate justin but i love his music. soo yeah im a confusing person!
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